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Choosing the Right Shoe for You

Choosing The Right Shoe For You

A Well Known Fact


There is no better feeling than when you are wearing a comfortable shoe. Comfortable shoes allow us to enjoy the days activities pain free. Wearing shoes that fit properly can also prevent potential health problems from occurring.


When To Buy


Most shoes can last an average of three to twelve months. As you begin to wear out a shoe, you begin to notice a difference in comfort. Worn out shoes can cause back pain, sore knee joints, or aching feet. The time to replace your shoes is when the cushion has broken down or the motion control has been lost.


Which Shoes To Buy?


Everyones foot is different. The best shoe for you is the one that gives you the proper fit, support, cushioning, and flexibility.

Choose a well-cushioned stability shoe that compensates for any irregularities in your foot or your stride.


Some Common Foot Irregularities


High Arched Feet


A high arched foot does not roll inward very much at all. There is a highly curved arch along the inside of the foot. Also, the toes appear to be in a clawed position. Highly arched feet are very rigid and are unable to absorb shock when making contact with the ground. The reason for this is that the foot is not able to roll inward when the foot makes contact with the ground. This lack of pronation can cause heel, knee, shin, and back problems. Inserting special pads in the shoes, which compensate for this condition, treats highly arched feet. The pads allow the feet to absorb shock more easily. People with high arched feet, should try to stay away from stability or motion control shoes, which reduce foot mobility.


Flat Feet


The term Flat Feet refers to people who have a low arch, or no arch at all. Sometimes they are said to have “fallen arches”. Most people’s feet have a space on the inner side when the bottom of the foot comes in contact with the ground. This is called the arch. The height of the arch varies in size from one person to another. Flat Feet are generally a hereditary condition. The best shoe for this condition would be a motion control or stability shoe with a firm midsole.


Over or Under Pronation.


Over pronation is the excessive inward rolling motion of the foot. This inward motion is considered unhealthy because it can cause a great deal of strain on the back, ankles, knees, and lower legs. Over pronation can cause shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and IT band syndrome. Under pronation occurs when the outside of the foot takes the brunt of the shock when coming in contact with the ground. This condition can cause problems with the ligaments in your feet and ankles. Stability shoes feature either a dual density midsole or a roll bar to help combat pronation problems.


Some Helpful Shoe Buying Tips


Shop late in the day. Feet tend to swell as the day goes on. Shoes purchased in the morning will feel tight during by afternoon.


Shop for shoes with your health and comfort in mind. Your foot size changes every year. Always measure your foot first. This should give you a general range when considering different styles of shoes. Choose shoes that are shaped like your foot.


Check to see how the sole feels on the bottom of your foot. It should have a soft and supportive cushion. People with high arches generally need more support.


Stand up and take a quick walk to get a feel for the shoe. Your feet shouldn’t slide around inside and there should be little bit of room beyond the largest toe. But no more than 1/2 inch.


Remember: You should never have to “break in” a tight shoe.


6 Steps To Buying The Right Snowboard Boots


One of the most important pieces of equipment of snowboarding is your snowboard boots. They are your connection to the snowboard, by not spending time in finding the right boots; you can ruin your snowboarding experience. some quick tips for buying boots.


Should I buy Step in or Strap in boots…


The first decision is if you want the traditional strap-in boots or the newer step-in boots. If you decide to go for the step-in boots you will have to buy the bindings and boots together, this is because the strap-in boots will not work with the step-in binding. The trend at the moment seems to be softer boots with strap-in bindings.


the fit of the boots…


No matter how much you have to spend on boots it is very important that you take time finding the best fitting boots. If you buy boots that are comfortable in the shop you will find aching feet on the slope. So find boots that are snug. Remember be patient. Different brands of boots suit different types of feet. So go forth and find your boots.


Trying On Boots…

Here are a few things to remember when trying on your boots. Firstly wear proper socks. Put on a boot and push your heel into the back of the boot to make sure that your foot is secure. Then tie the boots laces tight but not too tight. Then close the outer lining of the boot, repeat the process with the other boot. Attach the bindings and stand up. Notice how secure your feet are, move forwards and backwards making sure there is no rubbing that may cause you discomfort later on.


heel lift…

Heel Lift is when you lean forward in your boots and your heel lifts and not your snowboard. But this will be minimized if you find the best boots for your feet.


Inner Boots…

There are many advantages of having inner boots or lining, usually the inner boots can be laced like the outer boots, and they provide a little extra stability on the slope. You can take the inner boot out to dry after a long day snowboarding.


Some Boots have additional features…

As you search for the perfect pair of boots you will notice that as the price for boots goes higher with the features. For example air-pumps. All you must remember is that these features are useless if the boots do not fit you in the first place.


Choosing Footwear – Why Choose Sandals

Why wear sandals? This question comes up on so many occasions. It is like there are rules to the etiquette of sandal wear. Can you wear socks with sandals? Dress wear and sandals? Can you golf in sandals? Many people have their interpretation of when sandal wear is appropriate. In many countries and especially where there is a beach culture, sandals are the footwear of choice year-round.


The benefits of wearing sandals on your feet vary to the activities that you are interested in. Sandals obviously do not suffice for any activity that requires proper foot protection. Flip flops are great for using in public areas and can protect your feet from fungal infections, warts, and lacerations. They are great for wearing indoor as well and takes only seconds to put on or take off.


Sandals are stylish. At the beach, at parties or even at business meetings, there is a wide range of sandals that are available. From bright colored flip flops, to the strappy high heel, to casual wedge-style platforms, there are enough styles out there to suit any occasion.


There are many types of sandals on the market today that not only look good, they keep your feet happy with good ventilation and foot circulation. Sandals are even making winter appearances in cooler climate areas. Name brands such as ONeill and Sanuk are beginning to produce sandals with quilted flannel and fleece attached to straps, or stitched wool socks lined in polo fleece for the die-hard sandal wearer.


The sandal industry has substantially increased in the last few years. Stats from March 2006 indicate that the sandal industry rose 13 % to 7.4 billion dollars nationwide in just one year. Sandals have now expanded to nearly one-fifth of the footwear market.


Shopping for sandals is quite easy. Most local shoe stores will have a small selection. You can pick up a cheap pair in a department store or even in some grocery stores. You also have the option of shopping online from a wide variety of sandals from any brand. As most sandal models have adjustable straps, you can be confident in your online purchase. You can choose from literally thousands of different sandal models. Check out some online today


Catwalk Choice For Shoes


Vein Wear is Australias number one mens footwear designer. Vein, by designer Christopher McCallum, has been recognised as the shoe of choice by Australias top clothing houses. Vein opened its Winter season with the LOreal Melbourne Fashion Festival main parades Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold.


Vein shoes were the natural footwear selection for Always Habit when they won the coveted Australian Design Awards in November 2005. Always Habit designs are for savvy young professional men. They are looking for a striking shoe to compliment their casual and suiting attire. Vein provides that.


Vein shoes were the footwear of choice when high flying Aussie labels Leopold and Tom, Dick and Harry unveiled their Winter collections at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. The parades were stand-outs with both collections attracting critical acclaim.


When Vein launched its Winter 2006 collection at the LOreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in March there was no question which shoes should be worn with the three pinnacle mens collections of the season. Main parades Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold chose to accompany first class designs with Australian designer shoes by Vein.


The fashion festival is definitely the highest point yet in our rise in Australian designer fashion. Morrisey is an idol and an icon. To be worn on the foot of his, Kenzo and Leopolds collections is a great honour. I know our shoes do their clothing justice, says McCallum.


At the upcoming Mercedes Australian Fashion Week Vein will be working closely with hot mens label Red Cordial. Retailers, stylists and other fashion industry participants can also see a preview of Veins Summer 06/7 collection at MAFWs Source Exhibition at the end of April.


At Vein we are delighted to work with clothing designers. Footwear does not steal the limelight at fashion parades, but a designer collection show is too important to leave footwear up to models, friends or God forbid resort to pluggers, says McCallum.


How to Shop for Comfort in Mens Footwear


Fit, durability and style are the key factors to look for when purchasing mens footwear. The top criteria, however, must be comfort. No one is going to wear fashionable shoes for long if they are not also comfortable. Shoes that pinch, bind or cramp your feet can make you miserable, and can also damage your feet.


Shopping for mens shoes should always focus on fit and comfort first, and finding a fashionable, stylish brand second. Quality shoemakers know this and offer a wide range of comfortable footwear options. Brands that are merely fashionable are not going to serve you well if they don’t fit right.


Shopping for shoes that are comfortable and also look good is easier than ever. In order to get a proper fit, you should shop for shoes later in the day, when your feet are larger, and be sure that the brands you try on aren’t too tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes. You shouldn’t hold on to the old notion of foot size – your body changes, and you really should get your feet measured each time you buy shoes. Also, make sure that you get both feet measured, as sometimes one foot is larger. The shoes should fit the larger foot comfortably.


How Do They Fit?


For the most comfortable shoes, you should try them on with the same socks that you will normally wear with the shoes. Make sure you try on both shoes, and walk around the store a bit before purchasing. Buckle or lace up the shoes as you normally would during regular wear. Make sure they fit and bend in the same places that your foot bends. Don’t buy leather shoes that are too tight and expect them to stretch out and be more comfortable once they are broken in. They should be comfortable when you try them on and walk.


An experienced sales person in a store with a knowledgeable staff can help you find the right fit and the right styles for your needs. They will be able to steer you toward brands that offer special features for your personal fit needs, such as arch support, and proper cushioning.


How to Select a Pair of Quality Steel Toe Shoes


Many companies produce reports and articles of why their steel toe shoes are perfect, so I will give an unbiased opinion of how to select a pair of quality steel toe shoes.


You should consider the following 5 factors when buying steel toe shoes: Fabric, Durability, Sole, Flexibility, and Additional Features. I will go into more detail on each of these categories below.


Fabric: Different fabrics can make or break a shoe in a matter of months. It can also make you feel uncomfortable if it is not the right fabric. There are gortex like rubber, canvas like fabrics, suede, and leather. Leather has one of the best aspects for steel toe safety aspects in my opinion. They are easily broken in after a few days and then they fit your foot like a glove. Leather will not burn and ignite into flames or melt. If they are burnt or scuffed they can be easily polished and masked away. Thick leather is ideal and looks nice.


Durability: Is the shoe made to last a long time or is it just made to OSHA standards with a shelf life of only six months? What I mean by durability, is whether the shoe will last for two years of wear and tear before you have to replace them. Some shoes may look nice and can take a beating but after a few months the stitches come apart, the metal wears through the padding and digs into your foot, there are many things which can occur if the shoe is not engineered just right. Does the shoe have a steel shank? Is the steel toe area padded well and with lasting material? Will the shoe backing hold? And the sole, how long will that last?


Sole: This is very important and is more of a sub category of Durability, but merits its own category. First, there are two types of soles, those made to last a year or more and those that are not. I have seen shoes with holes showing in the sole after only a few weeks as the rubber begins to wear away and the hollow honey comb style sole bears forth. Literally dig your finger into the sole in various areas, if it bends easily and you can feel the air, it wont last very long. Although tougher rubber or thicker may not be as comfortable, it will last. One problem with worn soles is that they have a tendency to wear on one side only based on your walking habits. After a while it is dangerous to walk in shoes that are half worn, it can throw your back out, cramps, and more. One more health issue to avoid caused by cheap products.


Flexibility: Will the product bend. If the sole is so thick it barely moves, how well will the contours of your foot feel after an 8 hour day? Some shoes are so heavily reinforced with different materials that the backs never mold to your foot or the steel toe area just continues to dig into your toes? What ever it may be, bend the shoe, try it on. If you feel too much discomfort in a certain area, take the shoe off and inspect it, you might just find that this shoe just wont work for you. This is another key point, some shoes just don’t work for everyone.


Features: Are the shoes rated Electrical Hazard, Insulated, Waterproof, etc. There are many things to look at and it will depend on your job.


How to Pick the Perfect Shoes


Are you looking for the perfect shoes you can wear this season? How do you pick the right shoes, though? Here are some tips for you to buy those perfect shoes:


– Find shoes that you are comfortable in. No matter how cute they look, if you are not comfortable in the, you will not wear them. And, if you don’t wear them, you just wasted your money.


To make sure you are comfortable in the shoes you want, make sure you try them on at the store. If you are shopping online, make sure you find the correct size you need. Check with the web site’s measurements, to make sure that the size you are getting is actually your size.


– Find shoes that match with different clothes. Even the best shoes will not be worn too match, if they only match one outfit. Make sure you purchase versatile shoes, that will match with different outfits you have.


The best colors for shoes that will match with many things are black, brown, grey and white.


– The more expensive they are, the more things they should match. Of course all of us own a pair or two of pink or red shoes that we love, but that don’t match too many outfits. So, create a rule – the more expensive the shoes are, the more outfits they should match. If you find a $20 pair of pink shoes that you just must have, get it. However, if the pair costs $100, it should match more then just one t-shirt you have.


– Don’t buy shoes that are extremely trendy. While they are really hot right now, they will be out of style next year. Instead, spend the money on the shoes that can be worn a few seasons.


Remember to pick the shoes that you are comfortable with, and they are stylish, but not extremely trendy – those are the shoes that will last for a while.


Mens Saddle Shoes


Shoes have always been the part and parcel of fashion since ages and always enhanced the personality of any individual. One such shoe is saddle shoe; this shoe got its name due to the vamp and instep of the shoe which take the shape of the saddle in the center. The shoes are formal leather footwear normally with two tones of black and white. Combinations of other colors are also available. The shoe with black and white coloration mostly has black leather on the middle part vamp, instep, throat, eyelets and tongue and white on the toe and the back. Other color combinations like tan shoes with brown and white shoes with red are also in vogue. Saddle shoes are worn by both men and women considered as a style statement with various styles from golf cleats to ultra high platforms.


The popularity of Mens Saddle shoes is from the Post war era and it still rocks the fashion world. Many famous icons like Elvis Presley and James dean adorned these old school mens saddle shoes (the old name). The saddle shoes were first introduced in 1906; the shoes manufactured were in combination of colors with the complimentary black strip in the rear part of the shoe on the back of the heel. These shoes continues to have the same model with same features, some saddle shoes have buckle on the top of black strip with composite low heeled sole of coral color. Now days, the manufactures make this shoe with every possible color combinations and different designs.


The demand for saddle shoes never faded and now the shoes are made to cater to the different needs of the people. Even though there are hordes of mens casual dress shoes available in the market the saddle shoes still have its independent place in the market. There are shoes for the athletes (athletic mens saddle shoes) and golfers (golf saddle shoes) this is not all there are oxford saddle shoes for casual wear used mostly by the executives. Moreover there is waterproof type of saddles shoes for men.


Today the saddle shoes are specially designed for the golf players which still have its classic saddle look with more advance features in respect to support and comfort along with a rounded toe box with leather upper and contrasting color combination. The sporty or athletic saddles are popular for their amazing traction and have good stabilizers and shock absorbing midsoles. Good traction in shoes enables the player for swinging. The shoes are very sturdy and will definitely last long. For its long lasting nature and sturdiness it was popular among the cowboys and it could bear the rough use. They are ultimate and considered best among all American shoes. The saddle shoes are also getting attraction of the children. The shoes have gone through the test of time successfully and passed on to us from generation and may be our next generation is ready to feel the magic of the saddle shoes.


How to Choose the Right Pointe Shoe for Ballet Dancing


Bloch Pointe Shoes


The Bloch pointe shoe is available in different styles including Sylphide, Sonata, Suprima, Serenade, Aspiration, Concerta, Triomphe, and Alpha Sole. Beginner dancers will be suited to the Sylphide, Sonata, or Suprima. The Sylphide has broader widths than other Bloch pointe shoes and helps beginners with untrained feet roll up onto pointe more easily.


The Suprima will feel comfortable to beginners and advanced students as it provides good flexibility while maintaining good arch support. Note that some Bloch pointe shoes have the narrower box shape and snug heel which is not suited to a fleshy foot. Shoes such as the Aspiration and Alpha pointe shoe are designed with the advanced student in mind. These shoes offer better arch flexibility but should not be worn if you do not have strong feet and ankles.


Capezio Pointe Shoes


Capezio Pointe Shoes includes several styles, each intended for specific needs. The original Gliss features a hard shank, broad toe-box and a U-shaped vamp to allow dancers to roll up to pointe comfortably. The Gliss ES offers the same, but with a harder shank. The Gliss Pro and Pro ES are intended for more experienced dancers and feature a lower side and back height, with a medium and hard shank respectively. The shankless Demi Soft is based on the Gliss design, and intended for pre-pointe students.


The Pli style is best suited for dancers needing a vamp that extends beyond the toe. Pli I offers a medium shank, and Pli II features a harder #5 shank. The Tendu style offers a medium shank and boasts a quick break-in time. Tendu II has a broader box and wider platform. Both Aerial and Pavlowa shoes feature a Russian-styled tapered box. The Aerial is best to support high arches, while the Pavlowa offers a harder shank, longer vamp and heel height. The Contempora is an American-style wide-platform shoe with a longer vamp and lower heel.


Freed Pointe Shoes


Freed Pointe shoes are available in the Classic, Studio and Studio Pro styles. The various lines are designed for a specific level of dancer, as well as their physical requirements. The handcrafted Classic is particularly designed for the needs of the experienced or professional dancer. It features a deep, round vamp, but those needing more support will favor the deep V-cut vamp and stronger insole of the Classic Wing Block.


The Studio line is intended for the younger dancer and offers extra support. The Studio II style features a wider platform and lower profile than the original. The Studio Pro is also designed for the younger dancer, but it includes a V-shaped vamp and shank for greater flexibility.


Grishko Pointe Shoes


The line of Grishko Pointe shoes features Eleve and Releve models. The Eleve include the Ulanova I and II. These shoes are intended for dancers instructed to roll up on pointe. You can find out more about dancing en pointe at . Ulanova I has a medium height vamp and versatile box for dancers with toes of an even or slightly varied length. Ulanova II has a deep vamp and is best suited for dancers with longer toes or narrow feet.


The Releve styles, Fouette and Vaganova, are designed to accommodate the Russianstyle of springing on point. The Vaganova has a deep vamp and tapered box. This style is particularly suited for dancers with a flexible arch, longer toes or narrow feet. The Fouette has a broad box and wide platform best suited for dancers with shorter toes or wider feet.


Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes


Gaynor Mindon Pointe shoes differ from many brands. While manufacturers commonly feature a variety of styles, Gaynor Mindon instead designs shoes over six fitting options; shank, vamp, heel, regular fit, sleek fit and size. So many variations can feel confusing, but the benefit of this brand is that dancers essentially custom


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