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All About Digital Cameras

  • About Digital Cameras – Mastering A Most Helpful Gadget

It is best to know more about digital cameras if you are to take advantage of the advance technology they offer. Digital cameras are modern gadgets, no doubt. Thirty years ago, they were unheard of. Now, every family has one. Their appearance has changed forever the way we preserve memories and special moments of our loved ones.


About Digital Cameras – How They Function


Digital cameras have small computers in them to capture and record images digitally. Instead of film, digital cameras have sensors that convert images of light into electrical charges. Almost every one of them are user-friendly and any novice without any knowledge can take a picture or two the first time he holds one. They are all designed with convenience and high quality images in mind. New models are now so light and compact. They are operated with buttons and everything is just so easy to manipulate like the zoom and the power on. Some models also come with video capability. You just need an extra memory card to provide the extra space to store those videos.


While they are so convenient to use, users should also know a thing or two about digital cameras and terms used in relation to them like resolution or pixels. A digital camera’s resolution refers to the sharpness of the images it captures. In other words, it is the amount of detail it can possibly record. Resolution is measured in pixels. The higher the resolution, the better the images it produces.


However, this also means heavier images in your camera’s and computer’s memory. Ideally, digital photos for e-mailing should have a resolution of not higher than 640 x 480. Resolution any higher than this would be very heavy already. For printing quality, digital photos should have at least a resolution of 1216 x 912.


About Digital Cameras – How to Care for Them


Make sure that your digital camera is free of dust and dirt. It should be kept in its case when not in use. Moisture and heat are also no-no’s for digital cameras. Keep them away from the elements at all times. If you live in an environment with high humidity, be sure to get some silica gel to keep the moisture away.


Always handle digital cameras with care, whether they are the less expensive ones or those that cost a fortune. Protect them from knocks, magnetic fields and vibrations. When traveling with one, ensure that it is kept safe during the trip.


Before removing the memory card or disconnecting the power source, turn it off first. Although this is common sense, many people forget it.


Digital cameras are so important now in this age of advanced technology. They are used by friends and family to stay in touch, to preserve special memories and even used extensively in the workplace and businesses.


By knowing more about digital cameras, how to use and take care of them, you will be able to produce better quality images and thereby get your money’s worth. Further, you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

Why Buy Digital Cameras

Technology development started at a very high pace during the 20th Century. Like many other areas of development, photography also saw major developments in its field. Photographic camera technology has seen a constant improvement from way back in 1913 when a 35 mm still camera was produced till 1985 when digital technology was first introduced in photography by Pixar.


Basically digital camera is an electronic gadget which captures and stores photographs in a digital format without using any processing films. The first true digital camera was launched in 1988 by Fuji Company .This camera used a memory card for storage purposes. The latest models of Digital Cameras are also able to record sound and video. These digital cameras store pictures on a small device called CCD (Charge Coupled Device). From Digital cameras the images can be transferred to computer and the images can be edited with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop.


Advantages of digital cameras


Convenience of use: The foremost advantage of using the digital camera is that you don`t need to worry about buying films and changing the rolls. You can click as many pictures you want, transfer them to computer, have a close look at them and get only the good ones printed after editing them thoroughly.


Edit options: The Digital cameras allow you to edit the photographs in the easiest way with the help of software. The color, brightness and contrast of the photo can be adjusted and the image can be cropped and resized as required. This helps to optimize the resolution of the photographs.


Economical: Digital cameras are economical in the sense that they do away with the cost of films and the cost of processing. When pictures are taken in bulk quantity the cost of films saved works out to a considerable amount.


Flexibility: You can view the photo you have just clicked on the LCD display of the Digital Camera and if you don`t like it you can retake the same.


Disadvantages of digital cameras


Quality of output: For professional reproduction purposes the conventional film camera is still the best as digital cameras cannot match them in resolution and depth quality.


Initial Cost: The initial investment cost for digital camera is higher than the photo film camera. The cost of the camera for home use runs from around US$ 150 to $1000 whereas the professional models cost may go as high as US$20000.


Slower Speed: Digital cameras take some time for storing the images which is unsuitable for action photography in which you need very fast clicks.


Important features


The digital camera quality largely depends upon its optic features, color depth, resolution etc. While shopping for a digital camera one should take care of following.


High Resolution: Resolution of a digital camera depends upon its capacity to store the dots or pixels. The more pixels it can store the higher will be the resolution. Cameras with a capacity of 5 mega pixels or more are ideal for home photography while professional photographers may look for a capacity of more than 7 mega pixels.


Capacity: The capacity of the digital camera to store pictures is also very important. The cameras have a built in memory capacity and additional memory card slot to store pictures. The cost of the memory cards is high but nevertheless they are very important to serve the purposes of storage.


Bit Depth: This relates to the color capability or the capacity of a digital camera to reproduce colors. Good cameras are capable of handling 24 bit color which fulfills the range of the human eye.


Optics and zoom features: A good camera must have optical zoom lenses with automatic flashes in order to produce better images.


Display: A good LCD display is important for a digital camera as it allows the user to flip through the images he has taken.


The digital camera is certainly becoming more and more popular in the modern era and is set to replace the conventional one for all general purpose.

Digital Cameras Are Small And Compact And Take Great Pictures


Digital photography is a booming business and is slowly going to take over the film camera market. Compact digital cameras are the most popular and common of the camera types. To get a better quality picture you need to increase the number of pixels, so the cameras with more mega pixels will have a sharper image. Underwater digital cameras are small and lightweight, and the quality is comparable to film if you go for the higher resolution shots. Digital pictures have improved dramatically, and are now incredibly clear. The main problem that most have is that after the picture is taken many people don’t develop the pictures or don’t have a a way to do it.


How exactly does it differ from the traditional camera? Up to the point when the image is captured, the process is the same in both. When you release the shutter the mirror moves out of the way and the image is captured in the same way as any digital camera. Zooming in on a subject works by cropping some of the image out of the picture. The thing to remember is the higher the resolution, the more realistic the image is, matching closest what the actual image is. The image is then enlarged to fill the camera frame, by doing this you will loose the quality of the photograph. If an image is too bright or too dark you can re-take the image.


Digital cameras are not that expensive today a 2 mega pixel camera can be had for less than $50. Also important to note is the memory capacity of the camera. In other words, how many pictures will the camera hold? Understanding a little bit about how pictures are recorded on a digital camera and then subsequently saved on a computer is critical but fairly simple even for a beginner. The key to getting the best possible digital pictures is to make sure the right camera is bought. Digital cameras are becoming more and more popular. Whether your pictures are good or bad it does not matter, with a digital camera you have full control.


In burst mode the camera shoots a fast series of photos for as long as the shutter button is held down or until the camera’s memory is full. In this mode the camera writes the photos to a temporary memory which is very fast but small. When the shutter button is released or the memory is full the camera starts the slow process of writing the photos to the flash memory. Memory is also a very important issue to consider.


In terms of features it may not have any more than a simple point and shoot model. Picture quality is normally an improvement from the more basic cameras. The price of a digital camera printer is lowering whilst the quality is increasing. As far as image quality is concerned, there are a couple factors – picture resolution, presence of noise in the camera, dynamic range, and the color quality of the image. Depending on the camera purchased and the accuracy of the settings, the quality can rival and sometimes even surpass a regular 35mm camera.


Basically, a mega pixel is capable of storing a million bits of information about a photo. Because the digital SLR cameras are more professional, they come with a hefty price tag.

Pros And Cons For Digital Cameras And Digital Photo

Many people love digital cameras and digital photos, but sometimes you may have trouble with action photo shots. Are you trying to take use your digital camera to take nice digital photos at a soccer match; there are a few tricks to know It may seem difficult, but in fact its not.


Shutter Lag is one of the first reasons that produce problems with digital cameras and digital photos. There are many digital cameras that wait a second from the moment you press the button until the picture is really taken, in comparison, a classic camera should take no more than 50 milliseconds and this is a serious difference.


To compensate this problem, when using digital cameras for digital photos, you should stay longer on framing the picture, and be extra careful when releasing the button, I mean take you hand off the button at the right time and not before the object passes .


Digital cameras for digital photos imply control shots which is really professional. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn photography; it means that you should be able to take clear photos of a moving object with a poor camera that doesnt support shutter speed up to 1/8000 of a sec.


Try following the moving target before taking the shot and if you succeed that the object will look clear in an unclear background. If you decide to practice long enough you will succeed in making some really impressing digital photos with your digital camera or with any kind of camera.


Another problem is with digital cameras is that they dont support continuous shots or digital photos. This means that you dont have a buffer big enough on your digital camera that could store several digital photos before writing them on a memory card.


You will really have a problem in taking fast shots because the digital camera cant technically support to write the digital photos data on the memory card at a higher rate, in this case I could only suggest to try and buy yourself a more professional camera, or at least a decent one that has this small feature of taking burst shots.


Digital cameras for digital action photos are very appreciated especially if they are well taken, this is why I advice you to keep in mind the several tips I gave you in hopping that the next time you will succeed you will have better results.

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